The Good, Bad, Beautiful & Ugly Roadrip

WARNING: This trip may contain some offensive or "unapprovable" things to some.

This is a tumblr that may or may not be updated often. It's essentially my "road trip" tumblr more for pictures than text since I'll spend the majority of my time using my paper journal. BUT never ruling out that I'm sure I'll find a computer along the way and update this with something.

i probably wont follow back because well, im traveling and wont be spending time reading tumblr unless i have nothing to do, and i imagine that wont be often on this trip.

I had to pull over to throw up 3 times. Id like anyone without genuine panic disorder to know that while yes it’s in my mind, it really does physically affect people.

This will be the only post I write like this in here but thougjt it eas important to know that part of this trip is me trying to force myself to overcome what at one point had me not leaving my house for almost 4 months from panic attacks. My new upstairs neighbors literally thought Todd lived alone. She told me this the other day. Obviously its no longer that severe but its still terrifying.

Im sitting at the last rest stop in missouri because my head is pounding I feel sick to my stomach & needed to take some ibuprofen and eat some saltines the best husband packed for me.

Im about 49 miles outside Joplin which is where ill fill up again and continue on.

Driving through the snow at night with semi’s doesnt help the situation but its light now & ill lrave you with a picture of the last reststop in the state of Missouri.

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